Bridge Height Clearance Low for Raft Off with Lake St. Clair’s High Water

bridge height snooks hwy.

Boaters depend on a few Lake St. Clair bridges for adequate height clearance to save a lot of time.   On the day of our high water peak July 20, we measured roughly 66″ from the water to the underside of the bridge on the Snooks Hwy.  This channel connects the Raft Off’s Little Muscamoot Bay providing easy access to Brown’s Bar and the Middle Channel after a day on the water.

When the 66″ bridge height was measured, it was a calm day … wind and other variables could have made it worse… many biminis and antennas have been lost at that bridge, so take care this weekend if traveling through this channel to the Raft Off.

Another popular bridge height:  We also measured 37″ at the bridge behind Decker’s Landing, frequently used by fishermen to access the North Channel from Bouvier Bay.

Bridge behind Decker’s Landing connecting the North Channel to Bouvier Bay was 37″

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