Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service – Fraser

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service in Fraser (Macomb County) provides total fire protection for your boat, business, and home, offering the highest quality extinguishers and systems in the nation.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, office manager, homeowner, or someone in-between, we have the fire safety solutions you need to keep your employees and loved ones safe.

The Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service team works to exceed industry standards and consults with insurance companies to provide the highest level of protection possible.

Fire Extinguisher Sales offers you Pre-Engineered Automatic & Manual Fire Suppression Systems for your Boat, Home, & Commercial Usage

When the temperature in the protected space reaches 175 degrees F, this is indicative of a fire. These systems completely discharge within 10 seconds to immediately combat the fire in these conditions. You don’t have to worry about any residue, water, or cleanup. These systems are for:
  • UL-300 Systems
  • Residencies Range Hood
  • Commercial exhaust range hoods (Restaurants, Churches, Pizza Ovens & Halls)
  • Industrial Paint & Spray Booths (Vehicles Paint, open Front Spray Booths, Total Flood, Local Application & Dip Tanks)
  • On & Off Road Vehicles
  • Marine Automatic Systems
  • EDM & Grinding Machines


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  • 31551 Groesbeck Hwy., Fraser, MI. 48026, USA
Fire Extinguisher Sales