Where to Pick up the 2018 Lake St. Clair Guide

Where do I pick up the new 92-page 2018 Lake St. Clair Guide magazine?  Our sponsors receive the majority of copies, however, over 150 locations kindly distribute the magazine from Detroit to Port Huron on the U.S. side, and from Windsor to Sarnia, Ontario on the Canadian shore.

Don’t have time to pick one up?  Have a copy mailed to you for $5.95 which covers the almost $4 postage & packaging, and then dropping at the post office for convenience.  Click here to order.

Click on Sponsor Links for more info Phone City Deliveries begin late January except where noted for seasonal closures
Algonac Antique Mall 810-794-4455 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Algonac Harbour Club 810-794-5515 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Algonac Lions Club Algonac / Clay Twp.
Club Capri 810-794-7431 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Deckers Landing Restaurant  810-794-3852 Algonac / Clay Twp. May 15, 2018
Henry Smith Propellers 800-338-8900 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Rose Marine 586-716-9600 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Swan View Inn (Great Lakes Docks/Decks Office) 586-382-3003 Algonac / Clay Twp.
Belvidere Boat Club Algonac / Clay Twp. May 15, 2018
Colony Marine Parts & Service Algonac / Clay Twp.
West Marine Algonac / Clay Twp.
Sandbar Waterfront Grill    519-979-5624 Canada Belle River – Lakeshore
Rochester Place Resort Canada Belle River – Lakeshore May 15, 2018
Belle River Marina Canada Belle River – Lakeshore May 15, 2018
Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park    519-354-8423 Canada Mitchell’s Bay May 15, 2018
Mitchell’s Bay Variety & Bait Canada, Mitchell’s Bay May 15, 2018
Ecarte Marine 866-361-8104 Canada Port Lambton
Henry Smith Propellers 800-338-8900 Canada Port Lambton
Bridgeview Marina Canada Sarnia
Sarnia Bay Marina Canada Sarnia
Bridgeview Marine Supply Canada Sarnia
Cove Marina Canada Thames River
City of Wallaceburg Canada Wallaceburg
Canadian Tow Boat     800-288-4650
Lakeview Park Marina Canada Windsor
Windsor Yacht Club Canada, Windsor
Anglers Point    586-949-9223 Chesterfield Twp.
CJ Brown’s Restaurant     586-725-7821 Chesterfield Twp.
L&M Marine   586-725-1338 Chesterfield Twp.
Marine One Construction  586-725-2467 Chesterfield Twp.
North Bay Marine 586-725-2628 Chesterfield Twp.
PGA Marine 586-725-1863 Chesterfield Twp.
SASH Graphics 586-329-3070 Chesterfield Twp.
Sportsmen’s Direct Bait 586-846-4222 Chesterfield Twp.
Sun Up Marina   586-725-1411 Chesterfield Twp.
Dee’s Marine 586-790-9100 Clinton Township
Johnny’s Propeller   313-885-7446 Detroit
KAM Marine 313-483-4078 Detroit
Detroit Yacht Club Detroit
Detroit Boat Basin Detroit
Edison Boat Club Detroit
Keans Marina Detroit
Eastpointe Fiberglass    586-773-4237 East Pointe
Anchor Bay Marine Supply 586-210-5153 Fair Haven
Anchor Bay Scuba 586-725-1991 Fair Haven
Blue Water Bait & Tackle    586-725-1448 Fair Haven @ DNR Launch Ramp
Bouvier Bridge Marina 586-725-6530 Fair Haven
Bucks Diner 586-725-1000 Fair Haven
Craftworks Marine 586-273-7072 Fair Haven
Glitz 4 You 586-713-8996 Fair Haven
Mayea Marina   586-725-3011 Fair Haven
Raft Bar  586-725-9100 Fair Haven
Schneiders Motorsports    586-273-7411 Fair Haven
Shore Thing Mkt – CITGO 586-273-7922 Fair Haven
Stuck in Seaweed at Mayea Marina 586-648-7388 Fair Haven April 1, 2018
Zef’s Lighthouse Inn 586-725-0356 Fair Haven
Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Grosse Pointe
Bayview Yachtcrafters   586-469-4131 Harrison Twp.
Belle Maer Harbor   586-465-4534 Harrison Twp.
Bumpers Landing 586-630-0501 Harrison Twp.
Classic Boat & RV Carpet 586-465-3606 Harrison Twp.
Crews Inn 586-463-8144 Harrison Twp.
Harbor Club Apartments  586-791-1441 Harrison Twp.
Lake St. Clair Metropark   586-463-4581 Harrison Twp.
MacRay Harbor  586-468-1900 Harrison Twp.
Markley Marine  586-469-6000 Harrison Twp.
Michigan Marine Salvage 586-468-2430 Harrison Twp.
North 42 Restaurant @ Macray 586-468-1900 Harrison Twp.
North Star Sail Club & School 586-463-2192 Harrison Twp.
River Rat Restaurant   586-465-6565 Harrison Twp.
Sportsmen’s Direct Bait 586-741-6052 Harrison Twp.
Temptation Yacht Sales   877-788-5786 Harrison Twp.
Tow BoatUS 586-783-7700 Harrison Twp.
D Brothers Party Store Harrison Twp.
Beacon Cove Marina Harrison Twp.
Roys Boat Harbor Harrison Twp.
West Marine Harrison Twp.
Wilson Marine Harrison Twp.
Land’s End Marina Harrison Twp.
Brown’s Bar  810-748-3640 Harsens Island May 15, 2018
School House Grille   810-748-9551 Harsens Island
South Channel Yacht Club 810-748-3535 Harsens Island
Sunset Harbor 810-748-3082 Harsens Island
Tashmoo 810-748-3330 Harsens Island
Walker’s Landing 810-748-9848 Harsens Island May 15, 2018
San Souci Market Harsens Island
Grace Performance    810-989-9050 Kimball (near St. Clair/Port Huron)
Marine City Rental 810-278-2799 Marine City
Captain’s Landing Restaurant  586-493-9551 Mt. Clemens May 15, 2018
Clinton River Cruises  586-468-0212 Mt. Clemens May 15, 2018
Temptation Yacht Sales    586-463-8060 Mt. Clemens
Belle Seour 586-648-6502 New Baltimore
Biggby Coffee 586-725-7224 New Baltimore
Celtic Sisters Gift Shop 586-648-7189 New Baltimore
Ditto Consignments 586-716-9400 New Baltimore
Farm Bureau Insurance    586-884-3545 New Baltimore
Farmers Market New Baltimore Late May
Fin’s Eatery     586-725-9000 New Baltimore
Little Camilles Restaurant  586-725-4866 New Baltimore
On the Bay Customs 586-273-7695 New Baltimore
Propeller Basin Marina 586-725-0041 New Baltimore
Willy & Babbish Boutique     586-648-6685 New Baltimore
Anchor Bay Chamber New Baltimore
Washington Street Wine New Baltimore
Bridge Harbour Marina 810-982-2492 Port Huron
The Boat Doc @ Desmond Marine 810-987-1560 Port Huron
Great Lakes Marine Outfitters Port Huron
Vantage Point Port Huron
Expert Propeller    586-294-6495 Roseville
Fire Extinguisher Sales    586-293-7575 Roseville
St. Clair Boat Harbor St. Clair May 15, 2018
Angler’s Rod & Garden St. Clair May 15, 2018
Emerald City Harbor    586-772-4200 St. Clair Shores
Jefferson Beach Marina    586-778-7600 St. Clair Shores
Joe’s Trailer Sales     586-771-9499 St. Clair Shores
Lake Shore Boat Top   586-465-1731 St. Clair Shores
Michigan Harbor Marina  586-775-0852 St. Clair Shores
Miller Marina  586-771-9000 St. Clair Shores
Mr. Muskie     586-771-8817 St. Clair Shores
Colony Marine Parts St. Clair Shores
Lakeside Fishing St. Clair Shores
Mike’s Marine Store St. Clair Shores
West Marine St. Clair Shores
Sponsor Locations will be restocked as needed early May.
Additional copies will be delivered to the “seasonal” businesses, such as fuel docks and many other locations around the waterfront the early May.   The above listing will be updated at that time.





 Don’t have time to pick one up?  Have a copy mailed to you for $5.95 which covers the over $3.29 !! postage & post office drop off for your convenience.  CLICK here to order.

  • 586-202-3100
  • 7571 Dyke Road, Fair Haven, MI. 48023, USA

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