Aquapalooza 2016 on Lake St. Clair Officially Cancelled

Aquapalooza 2016 Cancelled

Aquapalooza 2016 on Lake St. Clair Officially Cancelled

Pete Beauregard, president of Colony Marine, and the lead sponsor confirmed today Aquapalooza on Lake St. Clair is officially cancelled for 2016. “We are in the planning stages of making a move and changing the venue up so it will be easier to control.” Where will it be in 2017?

Macomb County and local township officials are still supporting the event for the future and Mr. Beauregard felt they were 90% secure for a new location for 2017… which will still be on Lake St. Clair in Macomb County waters. An announcement for the new host should happen before this summer ends.

Aquapalooza is an “on the water” celebration with live music over a 2-day period. The event was created by Sea Ray Boats and is held in over 100 locations in the U.S.    Lake St. Clair’s weekend celebration last July drew over 20,000 people on over 2,000 boats just on day one! With the higher water and huge turnout, several safety issues and garbage disposal problems were noted and will be addressed with the new location.

Not to worry, the Lake St. Clair area hosts many events each season! Stay up-to-date with the Lake St. Clair Guide EVENTS Calendar and our Facebook page for the latest news and updates.