Grassy Island on Lake St. Clair Underwater?

2014 grassy island lake st clair boat accident

Grassy Island on Lake St. Clair Underwater?

2014 boat hits lake st. clair grassy island

July 2014 Grassy Island when water was at lower levels on Lake St. Clair.

Is the Grassy Island under water?  Almost!  No problem if you stay within the markers leading into & from the North Channel as show in photo below.  Note the Island is adjacent to Marker (lucky) 13.

Lake St. Clair Grassy Island Under Water 2019

June 2019 – Grassy Island on Lake St. Clair with high water levels.

grassy island map location

Grassy Island is a popular area to fish & swim. The area to the north and adjacent to the island east side is a very deep channel. The area to the west is shallow and nice bottom for hanging out with your boat.

Here is a view looking east (toward the St. Clair Flats area) …. be careful at night!

rainbow on lake st. clair

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