Lake St. Clair Ice Conditions 2016

Ice Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair Ice Conditions 2016

Lake St. Clair Ice Conditions 2016

january 22 2016

Only a few ATV’s and snowmobiles have ventured out as of Friday, January 22, 2016

january 22 2016 fair haven point

Fair Haven Point which divides Northern Lake St. Clair’s Bouvier Bay & Anchor Bay

january 22 2016 bouvier bay 2 january 22 2016 anchor bay

january 22 2016 1

Many are still fishing the channel leading into the Raft Bar and Bouvier Bridge Marina

The first vehicles are coming out onto the ice today, after a very solid week of bitter cold.  Not saying the Lake St. Clair ice conditions are safe yet, however, there are pick up trucks now parked on the ice just off of the Fair Haven Launch ramp on Bouvier Bay.

Anchor Bay is completely frozen over and the fishermen have slowly been moving out onto the deeper water.

Should be a fun weekend on the ice!  Stop by the Raft Bar & Sunset Bay Restaurant on Bouvier Bay to see the activities!