Lake St. Clair Loch Ness Monster Tree Pulled Out Today

Lake St. Clair Loch Ness Monster Tree Pulled Out Today

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For the last several years, a giant tree has been caught up in the shallows of Bouvier Bay, adjacent to the Munchies Swimming area. Humans and birds alike loved to relax on this natural chair and watch the boats go by.

Alas! With the high water and our latest winds, the loch ness looking log decided to make a new home. Normally, any debris coming into Bouvier Bay ends up in our boat wells… But, our neighbor ended up drawing the short straw today, and sadly ended up losing their land-based sitting to be tossed amongst the waves.

It’s quite sad. The tree was something of a local novelty, but when we arrived today we found it was technically still one. Just, unfortunately, more of a water feature now than a vantage point.

Luckily we have great neighbors who pooled $750 to pay a company to come in and remove this 50+ foot water logged tree, which obviously would have become a significant boating hazard if left to float about Lake St. Clair. It would be better if it had been removed on land by a tree removal jacksonville fl company, but as it was it was good that it was removed from harm at all.

Truthfully, we were considering that option as it was. The tree was starting to become something of a safety hazard in the area. Still, we weren’t ready to part with it fully, so I suppose nature has taken its course in this case.

At least now no one is in any danger. And, we got some very dramatic photos of it in the water, proving that Nessie did indeed live in these waters after all!

Oh, allow us the joke.

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The water logged tree was over 50 feet long

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