Get Your Map of Lake St. Clair!

Get the local “Boating Landmarks/Fishing Map” and the current edition Lake St. Clair Guide Magazine  “Combo Deal” @ $9.95!

CLICK AT BOTTOM to order the COMBO Guide at $5.95 to cover the postage & handling  for the full season of activities, events, and things to know while boating on our lake …. AND for only $4.00 more! we will include our 17”x20” two-sided map to help easily find 50+ destinations using 80+ landmark photos and 40+ GPS coordinates.

With easily 50 miles of Michigan shoreline, knowing the local fishing & boating landmarks saves time & fuel. We have a BIG lake, and once you get out there, everything starts to look the same (even the locals get lost)!

50+ destinations including:

[expand title=”Fishing Landmarks” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Fishing landmarks highlighted that we talk about – The Hump, The “400” Club, Selfridge, Grassy Island, the Firecracker, the Dumping Grounds, & more[/expand]


[expand title=” Our Mile Roads” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Map shows our “Mile Roads” surrounding the lake so you can tell on the water with the visual landmarks where the heck you’re at![/expand]


[expand title=” No Wake Zones” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Which include different rules in our North, Middle, & South Channels… along with the City of St. Clair Shores’ area … don’t risk a ticket![/expand]


[expand title=” Visual Major Landmarks” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Onshore visual major landmarks to get your bearing right – 80+ full color photos – Towers, colored seawalls, major structures, etc.[/expand]


[expand title=” Fishing Spots” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Fishing Spots for the U.S. side of Lake St. Clair – Smallmouth, Walleye, Muskie trolling areas, Pike, and more[/expand]


[expand title=” 18 Restaurants with Dockage” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Phone, street address, & GPS … all with photos & visual landmarks[/expand]


[expand title=” 14 Major Fuel Docks” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Phone & GPS … all with photos & visual landmarks[/expand]


[expand title=” 10 Major Launch Sites” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Major Launch Sites on Lake St. Clair’s Michigan shoreline, including the North Channel … all with photos & visual landmarks to find your way back![/expand]


[expand title=” 13 Bait stores” rel=”map-highlander” trigclass=”noarrow”]Bait store street addresses, phone, GPS … both on & off the water… all located by your favorite Lake St. Clair Launch Ramps[/expand]

Lake St Clair Michigan Map

$9.95 includes sales tax, shipping, & handling; and, as a bonus, you will receive both the current 72 page 2016 Lake St. Clair Guide magazine which provides much more information about the Lake, its events, and services for you and your boat and this 17 x 20″ two sided Landmark Photomap with GPS, Fishing Spots, and more.

The 2016 Free 72-page Lake St. Clair Guide Magazine is supported by its sponsors.  This “is not” a sponsored product and includes more businesses  not included in the magazine, including bait & tackle stores around each launch ramp area, additional restaurants on the waterfront, added boat fuel locations, etc.

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Recent changes to current printed map:

– Tin Fish Restaurant on Anchor Bay torn down May 2015 … read more

– The New Baltimore red landmark tower on Anchor Bay torn down July 2015… read more & more photos for other landmarks in area here




Map includes the Michigan shoreline of Lake St. Clair, the North, Middle, & South Channels, Clinton River, The Sni (Chenal Bout Rond), and major cuts in the channels including the Doty & Baltimore cuts with landmark photos.