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Great Lakes Charter Training offers the education to get your boat captain and charter license.

A Captain’s License can be used for:

-Marine Salvage
-Towing and Rescue Vessels
-Fishing Charters

  1. -Day Sailing Charters
    -Vessel Deliveries
  2. -Excursions/Cruises
  3. -Dive Boats
  4. -Ferrying Passengers
  5. See our upcoming Captain’s License Courses

Our United States Coast Guard approved staff is not just in Michigan, classes are offered throughout the United States.  We are available to work with companies and individuals to customize courses and will provide on-site training virtually anywhere.

For additional locations or to schedule a class Contact us for more information.

Great Lakes Charter Training is a US Coast Guard Approved Testing Facility and one of our more popular classes is the Captain’s License Course and Test (Master up to 100 Gross Tons). The Captain’s License course consists of five topics which include: rules of the road, general navigation, chart navigation, the upgrade to master’s deck general & safety followed by US Coast Guard Approved testing on site.


  • Captain Mel Stackpoole
  • 1-800-227-8635
  • 31300 North River Road, Harrison Township, MI, 48036, United States

Algonac Harrison Twp.

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