2024 NO WAKE ZONE map Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River, North, South, & Middle Channels, Sni Bora-Chenal Bout Rond, Detroit River, and St. Clair Shores area of the "Nautical Mile".

The updated no wake zone map has been reviewed & approved by the Macomb and St. Clair County Marine Sheriff.  Important to please also note shore includes "docks & piers" sticking out into the channels.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE EXTRA CAUTION No Wake AREAS CIRCLED BELOW WHERE WATERWAYS ARE NARROW and difficult for any size vessel or waverunner to be 200' from shore.

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2022 lake st. clair no wake zone map chart

no wake by docks lake st. clair

Don't get a needless ticket, and check out the map of Lake St. Clair No Wake Zones.  Even if you do not see a marker, you are responsible to know the law.

detroit river no wake zone map


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The Lake St. Clair Guide magazine provides maps to several things boaters need.... including the very important 2024 NO WAKE ZONE map.

2019 may st. clair shores no wake zone


2021 no wake zone lake st clair flats