Tow Boat U.S. Lake St. ClairTow BoatUS offers 24/7 help around Lake St. Clair and the surrounding waterways.


Tow Boat US Lake St. Clair:

  • TowBoatUS Services

    Most Ports offer Towing, Soft Ungroundings, Battery Jumps & Fuel Delivery.

  • Repairs

    TowBoatUS company either has their own dock, or contracts with a third party to provide repair services.

  • Salvage

    TowBoatUS company offers salvage assistance. Includes recovery of property, refloating the vessel, and towing it to a safe harbor.

  • Spill Cleanup

    TowBoatUS company possesses equipment to contain spills of fuel and / or oil.

  • Transportation

    TowBoatUS company can arrange local transportation to transport you to a hotel or other local destination.

  • 586-783-7700
  • 36290 Jefferson Avenue, Harrison Township, MI, 48045, USA

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