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The Lake St. Clair Guide magazine debuted for the 2001 boating season. 2024 is the 24th Anniversary Edition!  Now you can read all 24 editions online!  Click magazine cover to the left…

Good Times: Boating, Fishing and more on Lake St. Clair

How did this all start? After many years of cruising Lake St. Clair & the Great Lakes, and always being the weekend event planner for our group of boaters, I was disappointed year after year that I could not easily find new things to do, fun weekend places to visit, dates of events, restaurants with dockage, etc.  And this was also BEFORE the internet and cell phones!

Living on Lake St. Clair, I was reminded again of this lack of easy information availability … so I thought, I’m a marketing person, why don’t I publish all the information I gather each year for my friends and myself and share it with everyone??

I started with what I felt an adventurous 5,000 copies of a 24-page black & white magazine 20+ years ago to the full color magazine with 20,000 print copies and over 200,000 more visitors online each year. This success has come from my love of boating and fishing the Lake St. Clair area waters, and of course from the support and encouragement of my husband and the many great sponsors and readers each year.

Several hundred thousand copies in circulation …

Besides the 450,000+ copies circulated over the years, and the copies my mom still holds, the St. Clair Shores Public Library and the Algonac Historical Society maintain copies of the magazines for local Lake St. Clair and community history.

Thanks for reading…. I’ll do my best to help you enjoy Lake St. Clair!


-Kim Darrah, Publisher

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