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Magazine – Map of Landmarks – 23 Year Archive – Restaurant Guide

2023 ALL New January 1st – 148 page Guide.  Read online now, pick up for free, or order your copy below.

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The 17″x20″ 2-sided Map of Lake St. Clair includes 80+ VISUAL LANDMARK PHOTOS of Towers, Buildings, Markers, and more to help you know where you are at and where you want to go!

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With 50+ destinations shown, you will learn the fishing areas we talk about such as the “Mile Roads,” The “Firecracker”, “400 Club”, “Dumping Grounds”, and the many “Cuts & Channels.”

AND!! the map also includes GPS, Fishing Info (Boat Ramps, Bait Stores, Popular Fishing Spots), Fuel & Restaurants by boat around Lake St. Clair, MI – ON SALE!

Since original printing, some business names have changed (and have been edited for your convenience), however, important information and pictures of landmarks are intact.


2023 “FALL” Lake St. Clair Restaurant Handbook – Updated September 15, 2023 – Online Only with direct social links!

Restaurant Guides Online now with 30+ restaurants and food “carry out” with boat dockage around Lake St. Clair and the  channels.  View detailed maps to help you get safely into harbor.  Updated each spring & fall.

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lake st clair restaurant guide FALL 2023


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