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The 17″x20″ 2-sided Map of Lake St. Clair includes 80+ VISUAL LANDMARK PHOTOS of Towers, Buildings, Markers, and more to help you know where you are at and where you want to go!

With 50+ destinations shown, you will learn the fishing areas we talk about such as the “Mile Roads,” The “Firecracker”, “400 Club”, “Dumping Grounds”, and the many “Cuts & Channels.”

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Interested in purchasing a past edition of the magazine?  I have a small quantity of several editions saved…. send me an email to inquire availability at

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Robert G. Brunner, Sr., 94 “Muskie Bob” of Shelby Twp., MI, passed away November 3, 2018.
“Muskie Bob”, a fishing legend around Lake St. Clair chartered for over 40 years, fished Muskie in 100’s of lakes and rivers around the upper Midwest to Kentucky, and was inductee as a Legendary Guide at National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 2005. He also authored “Catching More Muskie and Great Northern Pike” and hosted a TV show in the 1980’s on Channel 56 called the Creel Report.
At 19, Bob was in the Army’s 4th Calvary and was present at the D-Day WWII invasion at Normandy in 1944. He was a POW (which actually was a very lucky experience and only lasted one day), but was wounded in battle requiring 15 months in a hospital. He was awarded the Purple Heart and wrote about his experiences in his book “Forever with Me.”

65 Pages, with color photos of favorite lures is included @ $24.95 – Compliment the book purchase and make it a combo with a Lake St. Clair Map for only $4 more + postage to help you find the Hot Spot locations outlined in Bob’s book.

7. 2019 Lake St. Clair Restaurant Handbook – Online Only with direct social links!

25+ restaurants and food “carry out” with boat dockage around Lake St. Clair and the channels.  View detailed maps to help you get safely into harbor.


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