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Magazine – Map of Landmarks – 24 Year Archive – Restaurant Guide

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The 17″x20″ 2-sided Map of Lake St. Clair includes 80+ VISUAL LANDMARK PHOTOS of Towers, Buildings, Markers, and more to help you know where you are at and where you want to go!

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With 50+ destinations shown, you will learn the fishing areas we talk about such as the “Mile Roads,” The “Firecracker”, “400 Club”, “Dumping Grounds”, and the many “Cuts & Channels.”

AND!! the map also includes GPS, Fishing Info (Boat Ramps, Bait Stores, Popular Fishing Spots), Fuel & Restaurants by boat around Lake St. Clair, MI – ON SALE!

Since original printing, some business names have changed (and have been edited for your convenience), however, important information and pictures of landmarks are intact.


2024 “SPRING/SUMMER” Lake St. Clair Restaurant Guide – Updated May 10, 2024 – Online Only with direct social links!

Restaurant Guides Online now with 30+ restaurants and food “carry out” with boat dockage around Lake St. Clair and the  channels.  View detailed maps to help you get safely into harbor.  Updated each spring & fall.

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ARCHIVES of Lake St. Clair Guide for 24 Years!  Click to read all books online

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