Restaurants Lake St. Clair

2021 Bi-Annual Lake St. Clair Restaurant Guide!

Take a ride out to the water by car this FALL &/Winter!   

Guide covers what’s new – seasonal closures – quick links to social media for latest hours of all your favorite restaurants around

Lake St. Clair

Clinton River

the Channels

St. Clair River


The brand new 2021 FALL edition is here!!  Click here or cover below to view “live” 80+ pages of restaurant information with maps!



Updated September 24, 2021

LEARN more about Lake St. Clair area!  Enjoy the full 100+ page Lake St. Clair Guide magazine with more places to go, vacation rentals, and services you will need for boating.  Everything you will need to make the most of your day on the water.  A new Edition comes out each January.

2022 Lake St. Clair Guide Magazine