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Lake St. Clair Guide Map of Destinations on and around Lake St. ClairThe 17"x20" 2-sided Map of Lake St. Clair includes 80+ VISUAL LANDMARK PHOTOS of Towers, Buildings, Markers, and more to help you know where you are at and where you want to go!

With 50+ destinations shown, you will learn the fishing areas we talk about such as the "Mile Roads," The "Firecracker", "400 Club", "Dumping Grounds", and the many "Cuts & Channels."

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Need some tips on catching Lake St. Clair's giant Muskie and Great Northern Pike? Freshwater Hall of Fame Fisherman, "Muskie Bob" Brunner is a 92 year old living legend around Lake St. Clair. Bob knows more about Muskie and Great Northern Pike fishing than anyone in the world today.

Fishing 100's of lakes around the world, Bob shares his decades of experience to help you understand every aspect of fishing for these fresh water predators so you too will feel like an expert.

Includes "Muskie Bob's" favorite Lake St. Clair Hot Spots!

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