2014 Lake St. Clair Year in Review

2014 Lake St. Clair Year in Review

2014 Calendar Year Photo Recap of Lake St. Clair Activities…. Certainly couldn’t be at all the events, but was able to make a lot of them! So many things to do here!

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01 january 5 fair haven launch ramp

January – The Fair Haven – Bouvier Bay on Lake St. Clair – launch ramp in full swing with snowmobile racing and ice fishermen.


01 january 5 freighter in ice st clair river

January – Freighters were still running with the help on the ice cutters.

01 january 5 uscg cutter st clair river

January – Coast Guard Cutter was very busy through the spring.

02 feb 7 books to canada delivery

February – Delivering the just printed 2014 Lake St. Clair Guide Magazine to the Canadian marinas of Lake St. Clair… it was COLD!

02 feb 9 ice 004

February – Bouvier Bay on Lake St. Clair is where the weekend racing and parties are in January and February.

02 feb 15 winter ice bouvier bay lake st clair drag strips racing

February – Aerial view of plowed drag strips used for weekend racing on Lake St. Clair.  Thank you Peter Dugdale for the aerial photo!

02 feb shanty town harrison township

February – Ice fishing is popular all around Lake St. Clair. This photo is Northern L’Anse Creuse Bay near the Clinton River Cut Off DNR Ramp, next to the Sportsmens Direct BaitShop.

02 feb snow bouvier bay

February – Lots of snow for the snowmobilers on Lake St. Clair.  Yes, we are starting to think about boating now…..

03 march 9 ice st clair river

March – Aerial of the Coast Guard Cutters on the St. Clair River.

05 may 5 clinton river cruise 170 russ

May – Spring has finally sprung and the Clinton River Cruise boat is out.

05 may 13 spring storm

May – One of many spring storms …. our water levels are really on the rise from the big snow pack… hence the muddy water in our bay.

05 may 21 first swimmer in the water

May 21 – We witness the first swimmer… I removed my winter hat and gloves when we went over to talk to them!

05 may 26 waverunner at browns

May – Boats are still slow to launch, but everyone had their waverunners in early!

05 may fish 1

May – Fishing was chilly but had good results!

05 may fish smallmouth

May – Smallmouth caught by lots of visitors from out-of-state and our local anglers.

05 may fishing at sunset

May – Pike were also very popular late spring and all summer. Beautiful sunset over northern Anchor Bay.

06 june 1 085 big boat macrays

June – All the big dogs are now coming out of the barn….

06 june 1 087 pirate boat

June – Let the fun begin! Some warmer weather… the water temperatures were quite challenging yet for us swimmers.

06 june 2 fish photo

June – Smallmouth fishing… was getting better as the water temperature reached its peak for spawning.

06 june 4 june double header

June – Bill came all the way from Texas to fish Lake St. Clair… He’s already booked one of our local fishermen’s rentals for 2015!! www.stclairrental.info

06 june 14 celebrate the lake MacRay Harbor

June – Celebrate the Lake was hosted by MacRay Harbor which featured a boaters “garage sale.”

06 june 8 fish photo 1 (2)

June – You go girl! Double header of smallmouth.

Tastefest flyer 2014

June – The annual Anchor Bay Tastefest held in New Baltimore had many crowd favorite restaurants again.

06 june 20 fishfly festival new baltimore

June – Was the 50th Year Celebration for the New Baltimore Fishfly Festival.  Bought this new t- shirt for nostalgia.

06 june 20 tin fish pirate palooza

June – Tin Fish Restaurant hosted several fun events, including Pirate Palooza.

06 june 21 antique boat show in st clair

June – Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River host several Antique Boat Shows throughout the season.

06 june 21 bass fishing

June – Smallmouth bass fishing at its best with the kids! Michigan offers one free fishing weekend each June.

06 june 21 sunset

June – Countless beautiful sunsets over Lake St. Clair.

06 june 25 poker run

June – Annual Poker Run on Lake St. Clair for Michigan Special OIympics… This was Stop #2 at the Tin Fish in St. Clair Shores @ Jefferson Beach Marina …. what a fun day!

06 june 27 jobbie nooner from chip miller

June – Jobbie Nooner the last Friday of June each year held on Gull Island, near the entrance of the South Channel. Thanks Chip Miller for the awesome aerial drone photo!

06 june 27 jobbie nooner

June – Jobbie Nooner from my perspective. Was a perfect day!  Gull Island was noticeably smaller with the higher water levels.

06 june 27 k controlled burn during jobbie nooner

June – DNR Controlled burn of Dickenson Island marsh area on Jobbie Nooner day. Caused quite the stir with ash falling out of the sky early evening onto our houses and boats.

06 june 27 swans with babies

June – The swans are out with their babies.

06 june 28 old boat temptation

June – Had to be the most photographed boat this summer…. A Mayea Boat Works beauty. Saw it a few times around the North Channel area.

06 june 28 swim areas munchies bay

June …. Swimming areas all around Lake St. Clair are now filled each weekend.

07 july 4 algonac lions Pickerel Tournament and festival

July… Annual Algonac Lions Pickerel Tournament for local charities. Always a fun time at this St. Clair River festival.

07 july 4 boat

It’s 4th of July!  Heard on Facebook that PGA Collision in Chesterfield had just painted this boat.

07 july 4 fish photo 1 (2)

July – The Muskie fishermen are out!

07 july 4 fish photo

July – Annual Ohio visitor showing me where to smallmouth bass fish.

07 july 11 clouds sunset

July – Painted sky sunset reflection over Bouvier Bay on Lake St. Clair.

07 july 11 web july swans nesting st clair flats

July…..The swan babies are growing.

07 july 13 lily pads white flowers

July – White flowers are blooming on the lily pads.

07 july 13 lily pads with yellow flowers

July – Yellow flowers are poking up.

07 july 18 belle river canada annual sunsplash festival

July – The 19th annual Sunsplash Festival takes places on the Belle River, Town of Lakeshore …. southern end of Lake St. Clair in Ontario, Canada.  Bands, beer, cars, and fun by the marina.

07 july 19 tashmoo days

July – The Tashmoo Days Festival celebrates its 2nd year on Harsen’s Island.

07 july 19 venetian festival st clair shores

July – Annual Venetian Fest on the Nautical Mile in St. Clair Shores with many participants.

07 july 25 flowers in water

July – Pretty purple flowers now in bloom around the St. Clair Flats.

07 july 25 kids sailing detroit river

July – Sailboat school on the Detroit River with lots of kids ….

07 july 25 st clair riverfest boat races

July – Offshore racing in the city of St. Clair… on the St. Clair River. Big bands, big boats, and lots of fun!

07 july 27 aquapalooza on Anchor Bay

July – Aquapalooza – Live music and 1000’s of people on Anchor Bay in front of Belle Maer Harbor. Hope you didn’t get caught in that huge thunderstorm at the end of it on Sunday!

07 july 27 detroit river antique boat

July – Beautiful antique boat cruising the Detroit River approaching downtown Detroit.

07 july 27 sunset

July – Ahh… another summer sunset over Lake St. Clair.

07 july 28 water warriors to mackinac

July – The Water Warriors waverunner event from Mackinac to Harsen’s Island begins! Benefit for Michigan Special Olympics each year.

07 july 30 55 inch 40 lb sturgeon

July – Big Fish Charters with big catch!

07 july 31 big boat at north channel yacht club

July – Saw several huge yachts cruising through Lake St. Clair from other states, like this one from Ohio.

08 August 2 Festival of Lights_0220

Boat Town Festival of Lights on again cruising the Clinton River into Lake St. Clair … thanks to sponsorship of Markley Marine to help make it happen. 25 boats participated!

08 august 2 bash at the beach car show

August – Several car shows held around the waterfront of Lake St. Clair …including the Bash at the Beach @ Lake St. Clair Metropark.

08 august 2 birds sand hill cranes

August – Saw some new birds this year in the St. Clair Flats.  After lively Facebook contributions, we agreed they were Sand Hill Cranes.

08 august 2 made in detroit boat at browns

August – “Made in Detroit” leaving Brown’s Bar on Harsen’s Island… everyone stopped to look… had to, it was too loud to talk!!

08 august 3 fish muskie

August – Annual fisherman from Indiana here with one of his muskie.

08 august 3 paddleboard

August – The water is now 78 degrees and I’m in!

08 august 9 opa racing port huron

August – 3rd offshore race this year around Lake St. Clair … this one in Port Huron on the St. Clair River!

08 august 9 raft off 10th anniversary

August – It’s the 10th Anniversary of the “Raft Off” held in Muscamoot Bay!

U.S. Brig. Niagara Submitted Photo

August – The U.S. Brig Niagara stopped in Algonac on the St. Clair River for a weekend.

08 august 16 tin fish dock

August – The calm before the storm at the Tin Fish Restaurant on Anchor Bay in Fair Haven.  Love our beautiful clear blue water.

08 august 25 island grill restaurant

August – Enjoying a calm evening and a burger at the Island Grill, Mayea Marina, on Bouvier Bay, northern Lake St. Clair.

08 august 27 detroit skyline

August – The Detroit skyline on the Detroit River on a calm day for a long trip down to Wyandotte for dinner.

08 august 27 tug pulling freighter

August – Saw lots of tugs pulling barges on Lake St. Clair.

08 august 31 algonac art show

August – Annual Algonac Art Fair on the St. Clair River.  I bought a giant red hand made deck chair that won’t blow away in a storm.   Lots of interesting crafts and art, and a great view on the boardwalk!

08 august 31 big boat at browns

August – Big boat from Sarnia coming into dock….everyone watching … even the dogs were impressed.

08 august 31 cardboard boat regatta algonac harbour club

August – Annual cardboard regatta at the Algonac Harbour Club. Surprising to me, most of the boats floated well… and captains as young as 4 year’s old were not as afraid as their parents were watching!

09 september 1 rainbow north channel

September – Made it to Decker’s Landing before a big storm hit… Great rainbows after it cleared over the North Channel.

09 september 1 sunset bay rest opens

September – New waterfront restaurant with dockage opens on Lake St. Clair! Sunset Bay on Northern Anchor / Bouvier Bay in front of Munchies swim area.

09 september 3 sturgeon

September – Sturgeon season in full swing on the North Channel.

09 september 6 bass pro returning to weigh

September – Bassmaster Northern Open held on Lake St. Clair with 150 pro boats!

09 september 6 bassmaster northern open on lake st clair

September – Gerald Sensabaugh, retired Dallas Cowboy, is Bass Pro rookie this year fishing Lake St. Clair.  He and Brandon Coulter-FLW Pro in this tournament also, stayed at one of the waterfront rentals @ www.stclairrental.info

09 september 7 air show over anchor bay 2

September – Finally after a 3 year wait, we have the air show again over Anchor Bay.

09 september 7 air show over anchor bay 3

September – The Blue Angels put on a great show for us boaters.

09 september 7 air show over anchor bay

September – More Blue Angels superb flying.

09 september 7 sailboat race

September – Sailboat race around Anchor Bay

09 september 13 boat show 2014 2

September – The annual boat show at Lake St. Clair Metropark…. had more boats this year than we’ve seen in probably 10 years…. gets better every year!

09 september 16 perch south channel

September – Been a challenge, but we’re starting to find the perch in the shipping channel of Lake St. Clair.

09 september 17 smallmouth carl anchor bay

September – Nice catch of several big ones around Grassy Island in Anchor Bay’s Lake St. Clair.