Gold Cup 2016 100th Anniversary Photo Recap August 28

Gold Cup 2016 100th Anniversary Photo Recap August 28

web cover KIM_0516The final day of watching the Gold Cup 2016 100th Anniversary was a very hot and mostly sunny day.  Boats raced continuously with no major incidents.  Lots of fans and a great time.  Here’s a few photos to share some of the excitement throughout the day…

Top 4 finishers for the Gold Cup 2016 weekend (from right to left ABOVE PHOTO) are J. Michael Kelly, Jimmy Shane, Jeff Bernard, and Brian Perkins.

There was a tornado warning for Monroe County during the afternoon, which is the south end of the Detroit River.  Luckily the bad weather stayed away.


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Vintage Racer – Miss US

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Vintage Racer the “Gale V” on the right with Miss US following.

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This little girl just scored an autograph from 2nd place finisher, Jimmy Shane.

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Fun to walk around the pits, which anyone could have done for an extra $20

Gold Cup 2016 web KIM_0508 web KIM_0467 web KIM_0425 web KIM_0407 Gold Cup 2016 web KIM_0399 web KIM_0391

Only incident we saw Sunday.

Only one minor incident we saw Sunday.

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Several foods stands set up behind the Grandstand seating.

Gold Cup 2016

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Family Friendly Day with other things to do for the kids

Family Friendly Day with other things to do for the kids

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Gold Cup

Behind the scenes “Communications Guys” are watching the weather as a Tornado Warning was issued for the southern end of the Detroit River.

Tornado warning in the southern Detroit River... never came our way luckily!

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Nice pants!

Nice pants!

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Seeing several “roostertails” from the “Roostertail” event on the north end of the course.

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The “Roostertail” event club

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If you haven’t attended the Gold Cup yet, you should check it out for next year! As you may have noticed, there were several boats anchored at the north end of the course for great viewing too.