Harsen’s Island Open for Business Even with High Water

browns bar high water

Harsen’s Island Open for Business Even with High Water

brown's bar harsen's island open high water

Brown’s Bar on Harsen’s Island

Rumors are incorrect – even with record high water, your favorite Harsen’s Island stops for food along with fuel for your boat are open.

Lake St. Clair’s local businesses have been slow due to the never ending spring rains, however, everyone is working through high water conditions.

Where to eat around Harsen’s Island and Lake St. Clair area? 

Where to get fuel, beer, snacks, food carry out around Lake St. Clair? 


Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to know where the NO WAKE zones are located.  If your boat is 26′ and over, you may not be on plane or making a wake within 600′ of the shoreline…. if you are under 26′, you must be 200′ from shore if you are making a wake.  Click here to see the area NO WAKE zone charts

Harsen's Island map

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