4 x 4 Post Driver

Pneumatic-Assist Post Driver For Building Docks!  This post driver is designed to drive pressure treated 4x4s into river or lake bottoms for building docks.  It uses a pneumatic cylinder and compressed air to do all of the heavy lifting which results in very little effort required by the operator.

attachment for 16 foot dock pole driver

16' dock pole installation on Lake St. Clair.  A simple do-it-yourself- add on was temporarily installed to assist with the "initial" height of the post.

4 x 4 dock post pole driver

A single dock pole installed on Lake St. Clair using the 4 x 4 Dock Post Unit took under 30 minutes!  A sharp "V" shape was cut on the end of the 4x4 digging into the sand quickly.

Two sizes of units are offered weighing under 38#.  Check our website at 4x4postdriver.com for more information.