Where is Munchies Bay on Lake St. Clair?  The popular boat anchorage area to swim is on northern Anchor Bay in Clay Township.

GPS coordinates to get you close by are:  N42 39 6.677 and W82 37 44.548   Many waters sports are enjoyed in this fairly protected bay including water skiing and tubing with the family.

munchies bay lake st. clair

How did Munchies Bay get its name?  In the 1990's there was a family restaurant overlooking this swim area called ... you guessed it, "Munchies!"  The restaurant had boat dockage and was open 7 days a week - very popular for breakfast on Sunday.

The building was remodeled and changed its name to the Brisbay Lounge.  This restaurant was opened for a short period as seen in the photo below.  This building has since been torn down and and a new showroom was built, home to Rose Marine.

brisbay lounge on munchies bay